Solange beevers, Ed.d., LAC

Therapist--on maternity leave

Solange provides both individual and group counseling for LGBTQIA+ individuals. As an active member and advocate of the LGBT community she understands the struggles that come with the territory. For the past decade she has been in the helping profession assisting LGBTQIA+ youth, adults, and their families through outreach, research, and counseling services. Solange has done extensive research on the LGBT population and the impact of bullying on the family unit. Solange believes in meeting the client where they are and utilizing an array of evidence-based modalities that allow the client to grow. She strives to assist her clients in finding their truth and to expand on the greatness they have inside!


Behavioral Health Administrator

Ashley has been in the behavioral health field for the last 6 years. She has a strong passion for helping people achieve their personal and mental health goals. She has worked with children and adults from a wide variety of backgrounds and with all types of behavioral and emotional concerns.  As the behavioral health administrator, Ashley is here to make sure you get the best service and care while you are with us. She is here to guide you towards the right program, connect you with resources, provide high-quality referrals, and come up with the best plan for you and your family’s needs.  Ashley is here to help with any questions you might have.

Lance Lary, MA, LAC, NCC

Lance provides individual and group counseling in an LGBTQ+ affirmative environment.  He says “I treat LGBTQ+ clients with respect and dignity and affirm that they are just fine the way they are.” As a member of the community Lance can empathize with navigating the daily struggles as  an LGBTQ+ person.


Lance has worked with individuals across the life-span (children to adults) to solidify a healthier self-identity.  He has assisted clients with anxiety, depression, self-esteem/self-image/body image, communication, motivation and relationship issues. Lance has experience helping individuals diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder explore their gender identity in both individual and group settings. 


Lance uses a combination of theoretical orientations to assist clients but does focus on a client-centered approach.  He believes that success in therapy comes from the client taking an active role in their own treatment. Through this approach a client should be able to help with their own growth and development, reduce their distressful feelings,  increase their openness to new experiences, and build self-esteem. His goal is for clients to positively define themselves and to ultimately embrace themselves as the special and unique individual they are.


Outside of the office you’ll find Lance hiking, playing with his rescue dogs and cheering for The University of Alabama football team. Roll Tide!

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Daniel McCluer,Ma, lac, ncc

Daniel McCluer is a Licensed Associate Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. He earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, both from Northern Arizona University. 

Daniel works to understand situations from the view of the client, to meet them where they are at and to work collaboratively with the client as a team. Daniel aims to find the client's underlying issues and treat those, rather than focusing only on symptoms. He is an eclectic practitioner, heavily informed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. He emphasizes a holistic approach to treat all aspects of the client as a whole, understanding that all parts of someone's experience and identity interact to shape their unique approach to life. 

Renee Dionisio, lac


Renee believes that we heal through sharing our stories and collaboration. Therapy is a process of collaborative change. She works together with folks to help them gain insight into their lives, feel understood in their struggles, develop tools to create a meaningful and sustainable relationships, and move towards a well-balanced life. She believes therapy can be a place to be heard, witnessed, practice new ways of experiencing the world and to find authenticity and connection. She offers therapy in an affirming environment where individuals can seek their true authentic selves.

Renee's approach to counseling is client-centered and strength based. She aims to guide folks in recognizing how their patterns, responses, and emotions impact themselves and others. She works to empower folks in being themselves.
She has experience working with LGBTQIA+ identified folks, and groups, and her range of focus includes recovery from trauma, substance use, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and life transitions. She looks forward to connecting and learning how she can support you on your journey to wellness.

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